Total Body Training for Everyone

You will achieve your physical goals with our guidance

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Regardless of your age and your fitness level, we’ll develop a regimen for you to increase your strength and flexibility beyond what you ever dreamed possible. Each of our trainers specializes in a particular age group; they have experienced what you are going through and will provide insights that add joy into exercising.

Glenn Moak discovered the benefits of total body training, focusing on flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, power and strength. Total body training combines everything that affects our physical wellness.

How it works

Customized Fitness

Everyone has a customized plan, because we all have different needs to meet our health and fitness goals. No two programs are alike.

Your Plan Matches Your Needs

Regardless of your physical needs and conditions, we will help you feel better and function with greater ease.

Let Us Help You Meet Your Goals

Everyone is treated with compassion and kindness. We want you to feel comfortable in a space where you won’t ever be judged. All sessions are just you and your personal trainer, focusing on the new you.

Who can benefit? Everyone!

We’ll match you with the trainer who knows most about working with someone your age in your condition.

High School Athletes

We will teach you what it takes to succeed in college sports. If you excel in sports and want to continue playing in college, let us help you succeed.

Just Out of Shape

Our trainers evaluate your physical condition and outline a regimen that will guide you to your goals safely, gradually, with the least amount of discomfort.

Over 60 and Ready to Move Again

You need someone who understands the challenges of getting older, and Glenn will be your trainer.

“I was lucky to discover an entirely new approach to fitness and health, and I love it! Now, I want to share everything I’ve learned about anatomy, nutrition and total body training to help as many people as possible feel the joy in feeling and moving so much better.”

Glenn Moak, Founder

Every age, every physical condition is welcome.

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