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About A Body with HEART

Meet Glenn Moak, our founder.

First, the Cars

In 1983, Glenn made a lifelong dream come true when he bought Duxler, a car maintenance shop. Originally the only employee, Glenn steadily grew the business, adding two more locations and dozens of team members over the next thirty-two years. Glenn thought he was retired, but life had other plans.

Then, Fitness

Restless in retirement, Glenn decided to pursue another dream—helping others stay fit. He had lifted weights at the gym every week and was a long distance runner since he was in high school. He knew from experience how regular exercise and meeting fitness goals improves both physical and mental health. It wasn’t until he enrolled at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Chicago that Glenn saw a new way of approaching fitness, and another adventure began.

Anatomy, Nutrition, Fitness

At NPTI, Glenn learned there’s more to health than firm, strong muscles. With new insights from his anatomy, nutrition, and comprehensive training courses, Glenn realized that true health is achieved through a more holistic approach to fitness and health: a new total body training that focuses on flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, power, and strength.


In October 2018, Glenn received his NASM degree (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and soon opened A Body with HEART in Northbrook. Empowered by his knowledge, he’s dedicated to helping everyone achieve their goals, including anyone with health issues. Living with chronic illnesses, Crohn’s Disease and arthritis, and enduring other health problems (four major stomach surgeries, screws in his left ankle, a left knee replacement, and a torn hamstring) Glenn knows how important it is to keep moving, even when you don’t want to. Because if you don’t, the illness wins.

Ready to Help

For the first time in many years, Glenn feels good, and he wants everyone else to know that they can overcome physical obstacles that sometimes seem impossible, too.

And with a Great Team, Too

As part of his mission, Glenn has assembled a well rounded team of trainers who specialize in specific demographics. Former college athletes are paired with high school students who want to continue to play sports in college. There are trainers dedicated to anyone who is just out of shape and needs some guidance and discipline to get back to better physical condition. Glenn works with our 60+ members, because he understands those challenges. Whatever your goals, A Body with HEART is here for you.

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