Total Body Training for Everyone

You will achieve your physical goals with our guidance

Would You Benefit?

A Body with HEART is dedicated to helping everyone, at any fitness level, achieve their goals at their own pace.

From running backs to retirees, ice hockey goalies to snow birds, A Body with HEART creates plans that fit everyone.

Are You a High School Athlete?

High school athletes looking to improve their game or to compete at the college level are in good hands. They’ll work with trainers who have thrived as student athletes and who will use their own experiences to help you reach your full potential. Our trainers understand the physical, mental, and emotional training required to reach one’s best, and they are prepared to help you on your journey, offering expertise, insight and, just as important, support.

Maybe You’re Just Out of Shape?

It’s hard finding time to exercise. And that’s especially true if you’ve never done it regularly. It can seem daunting and inconvenient. Not at A Body with HEART. Our friendly, understanding trainers will work with you to map out your goals, creating a fitness plan that will guide you at your own pace, on your own schedule. Not only will you see the results, you’ll feel the confidence that comes with taking control of your own fitness.

Are You Over 60 and Ready to Move Again?

People over 60 approaching a new fitness regimen will work with A Body with HEART’s owner, Glenn Moak. Glenn knows that age can bring more complex challenges, and he’s well equipped to handle them all. In 2018, Glenn graduated from the National Personal Training Institute with a NASM degree in personal training, anatomy, and nutrition. Empowered by his experience, he opened A Body with HEART specifically to help all types of people. He understands challenges, having lived with Crohn’s Disease and painful arthritis for several years. Glenn wants to help you achieve your goals to show the world that we’re not defined by our age.

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